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We attribute much of our Construction Management success to an uncompromised focus on project planning. Throughout the life of every project, we constantly plan for the big picture and the details necessary to properly manage the construction project. Once the project is under construction, the project schedule, budget, and quality are firmly under our control. This allows us to deliver predictable and desirable outcomes.

With a reputation for quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction, our talented construction team consistently delivers on time and under budget. From conceptual budgeting and design coordination to project planning and construction oversight, we provide owners and investors with opportunities for savings and profit in the construction process while maintaining the highest standards.


With our design-build delivery system, A. Pickett Construction, Inc., handles your entire construction project, streamlining the demanding construction process. With a design-build contract, the design and construction aspects are carried out by a single entity. This system is used to minimize the project risk for an owner and to reduce the delivery schedule by overlapping the design and construction phases. We bring together collaborative professionals to complete the project on time and within budget.


At A. Pickett Construction, Inc., we firmly believe “planning is key.”  No construction project will succeed without careful planning.  This is why our pre-construction services are so valuable!

Our goal is to be involved in your project from the very beginning to eliminate any surprises that can come along the way.  Our team will identify and remove any potential barriers that impede your project goals, as we carefully devise a plan of action to accomplish your desired outcomes. Our focus is centered on the elements that have the greatest potential to affect cost and value.

At A. Pickett Construction, Inc., you have the added benefit of working with the same project team throughout pre-construction and construction for a seamless process from start to finish.

Our experienced Pre-Construction team provides numerous services, including:

Constructability Reviews

Design Management

Conceptual Budgeting

Value Engineering/Analysis

MEP Review

No matter what delivery method you choose, The A. Pickett Construction team will provide prompt and expert advice to guide you through the pre-construction process.


As technology and construction practices evolve, A. Pickett Construction, Inc. is continually developing specialized skills, participating in new programs, and adopting new devices to keep pace with change. Our collaborative culture, depth of experience, and understanding in all phases of commercial construction, allow us to contribute to the design and construction phases to optimize project cost, value, and constructability.

Best Value. By providing design reviews, innovative approaches, costing, and design and equipment alternatives early in the design phase, A. Pickett Construction, Inc. can guide the team to a cost-efficient, quality design that meets the budget and project timelines.

Manage Costs. A. Pickett Construction, Inc., conducts reviews during the design phase which help us detect and resolve design conflicts, define construction sequencing, and identify scope gaps between trades prior to construction.

Control the Schedule. A. Pickett Construction actively collaborates with the design team to reduce errors and omissions in the design phase. This allows our team to shorten construction schedules for earlier project completion and owner occupancy.

Communication. A. Pickett Construction, Inc. builds relationships with our clients and vendor partners. Having solid relationships with the extended team members fosters communication, and facilitates construction on a shortened schedule

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As your General Contractor, we work tirelessly to make our customers’ commercial building dreams a reality. We consider the construction of the “execution” phase of the life of a project. It is the culmination of the project vision, planning, and design. Our knowledgeable and committed staff work to provide a professional, quality product to reach our client's goals and desired results. A. Pickett Construction, Inc. can meet your commercial construction needs by being proactive contributors throughout the building process.


From the beginning to the end, A. Pickett Construction Inc. will be there for you. The philosophy that a satisfied customer is our greatest asset has allowed A. Pickett Construction Inc. to not only grow but also prosper. When your major project is finished, Pickett Facilities Maintenance is there for your service needs.

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