Pre-construction Services

At A. Pickett Construction, Inc., we firmly believe “planning is key.”  No construction project will succeed without careful planning.  This is why our pre-construction services are so valuable!

Our goal is to be involved in your project from the very beginning to eliminate any surprises that can come along the way.  Our team will identify and remove any potential barriers that impede the your project goals, as we carefully devise a plan of action to accomplish your desired outcomes. Our focus is centered on the elements that have the greatest potential to affect cost and value.

At A. Pickett Construction, Inc., you have the added benefit of working with the same project team throughout pre-construction and construction for a seamless process from start to finish.

Our experienced Pre-Construction team provides numerous services, including:

Constructability Reviews

Design Management

Conceptual Budgeting

Value Engineering/Analysis

MEP Review

No matter what delivery method you choose, The A. Pickett Construction team will provide prompt and expert advice to guide you through the pre-construction process.